Adrian Baumann
East Whittier Middle School

Echoes of the Aztec Culture

There have been many great civilizations in history and many tragic ends to them, but none of them perhaps, as tragic as the story of the Aztec empire. It is evident that the Aztecs' and the Spaniards' cultures clashed when the two met and that, from this clash a culture and religion that, although on the surface appear more Spanish than Aztec, are truly a religion and culture that have been stretched and reshaped, like a glove to fit a new people. This in itself is the triumph.

Table of Contents

1 Early Aztec History
2 Early Spanish History
3 Similarities with the Spanish and Aztec religions
4 The Aztec City
5 Food and other aspects of the Aztec culture
6 Conclusion
7 Bibliography
8 Other Aztec Pages

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