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Guess Who...? Famous People

Our fifth grade class has been learning about different famous people in American History. We decided to put together a web page of our illustrations we made of our famous people. Can you guess who they are? We wrote some hints to help you. E-mail us your answers. Good luck!

If you know who I am,
ask Angelica.
1. Born 1929 in a southern state.
2. I went to college at age 15.
3. My father was a minister.

If you know who I am,
ask Patricia.
1. Born January 30, 1882 in New York.
2. I became Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1913.
3. I liked baseball as a kid.

If you know who I am,
ask Henry.
1. Born April 13,1743 in Virginia.
2. I have 3 brothers and 6 sisters.
3. I played the violin as a kid.

If you know who I am,
ask Jesenia.
1. Born June 12,1913 in Tuskeegee, Alabama.
2. There's a street named after me.
3. I worked as a cashier at a department store.

If you know who I am,
ask Veronica Ana.
1. Born February 11,1847 in Ohio.
2. I was the seventh and youngest child.
3. When I was 12, I made money selling candy.

If you know who I am,
ask Lizeth.
1. Born January 6,1706 in Boston.
2. I had 10 brothers and 2 sisters.
3. In school, I liked to read a lot
and do science experiments.

Marisa, Angelica, & Daniel
Please e-mail us a comment about our work.

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