Adrian Baumann
East Whittier Middle School

Early Spanish History

After 500 years of fighting the moors the Spanish not only had a huge and powerful military but also a fine tuned system for conquering other peoples. One of the most important aspects of conquering for the Spaniards was installing their religion into the conquered people's culture. The Spaniards' religion was Catholicism. Because of this tactic the Spaniards always brought a priest on their journeys. When the Spaniards went to conquer a people one of the first things they would do was to destroy the people's temple and their idols. Many times what would occur was that the people would see their idols, which to them were their gods, defenseless to the Spaniards and give in to Catholicism, which led to total domination. However, in the case of the Aztecs, they amalgamated their religion and Catholicism.


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