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ROOM  104A
Cool Math Projects:
Monthly Activities from Spirolaterals
to Toy Story Math
A Community Project of the City of Bell:
Past & Present
Grandma's Hands:
Student-Author Email & Multimedia Project
Volcano World:
Explore our favorite website for volcanologists
GEMS- Build It! Festival:
See our Math Projects from Polyhedrons to Tangrams (in progress)
Where in the USAis
Corona Elementary ?
Where in North America is Corona?
From Bellybutton to Bell
Student and Author
E-mail &
Poetry Project
Corona's Zoo Page
Study about animals from A to Z from Zoos
around the world
 Making A Box:
A Geometry Lesson
in Volume and Perimeter (in progress) 
Guess Who:
Identify these famous American Leader
In My Family -
En Mi Familia
Students share family traditions & customs
San Pedro Science Center
Investigating Artifacts:
Teacher created myths (in progress)  
California Historical Sites
Tour California through this great clickable map
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